How to create a personal blog for FREE?

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    You can choose or to create a free personal blog.

    Here is the step to creating a free personal blog on –
    1. Go to and sign in.
    2. Click on Create a blog.
    3. Enter your blog name and choose a blog address.
    4. Choose any given theme.
    5. Customize your blogs like logo, description, widget etc from dashboard and settings.

    Now your new free blog is ready. You can publish your blog post and share your knowledge with the world.
    Similarly, you can create a free blog on

    Original Credit: How to Create a blog on Blogger

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      Blogger is the platform for create the free personal blog. Blogger is a totally free platform.

      Follow the steps for create a free blog:
      1. Go to blogger(blogspot)
      2. Sign in with Google Account
      3. Enter your blog name which you want
      4. Choose the address. You can connect a domain name later if you will wish.
      5. Select a theme. You can change it later.
      6. Click on create blog.

      Now your free personal is ready.

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